New year, new blog!

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I had been wanting to move my blog for a while, mostly so I could use my own domain name instead of With the new year around the corner, I figured that was a good time to do it!

My feed goes through feedburner, so if you were subscribing to my blog before, it should just continue to work, so for the most part it’s a non-event. For reference, my old blog was at

I also dropped my blog’s name, which was “Angle Bracket Percent”. The reason should be fairly obvious if you’ve been following ASP.NET news: that name was based on the syntax used by aspx/ascx pages (e.g. <%= “Hello” %>). But now, with the Razor syntax being the new hot thing, that name was getting a bit old. And renaming it after the Razor syntax would have meant calling my blog “at”, which just didn’t work as well :)

So I went with the most boring possible name: my own!